Ramp-up Your Security

The Ramper™ application offers a centralized, consolidated, and managed process to manage your security findings. It enables you to escalate issues, perform risk assessment, and store documentation with an easy-to-use web interface. Your organization will see a quicker reaction to emerging risks, creating a more secure and resilient environment while reducing costs.

Why Choose Us

Single Source of Truth
Feature Rich and Extensible
Reduced POA&M Resolution Time
Developed by FedRAMP Experts

Effective Process

POA&M Automation and Management System for Cloud Service Providers


Efficient Scheduling

Reduction of overtime and reactive overload for operational staff


Effortless Collaboration

Notifications to internal and external stakeholders with pertinent information


Instantaneous Reporting

High-level and issue-level analytics and dashboards with relevant details


We believe that speed, security, performance, and quality are not features but attributes of good software. We have developed Ramper™ with this in mind and with the goal of improving the security posture of Ramper™ users.


Data Consolidation

Consolidate findings from audits, A&A reports, POA&M and SAR files, and your CM process


Tools Integration

Securely connect with Nessus; automatically fetch findings and generate POA&Ms as part of your CM


User Management

Easily manage users, roles, and assignments for systems, assets, POA&Ms, and milestones


Data Analytics

Analyze the security state of your systems and assets, and report them per FedRAMP requirements


Feature-rich and extensible software is only as good as its user experience. Ramper™ provides easy-to-access menus and operations along with secure authentication, authorization, and accountability features.

Over the Horizon

The PMO reviewers will access continuous monitoring data in real-time instead of a monthly report. The communication between PMO and CSP will focus on addressing and closing a POA&M within its scheduled completion date. Ramper™ maintains the necessary data securely with appropriate access control while following the FedRAMP process. Its real power is in the modules for submitting, tracking, and completing deviation requests at an unprecedented pace.


Deviation Requests

Efficient and seamless deviation request workflow


Health Maps

Organization and health maps to identify urgent issues


Workload Dashboard

Lists of todos and work to come for every user and role


Calendar View

Powerful view with reminders which shows deadlines

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Ramper™ is driven by feedback from its users. It solves your issues, so you may focus on resolving your POA&Ms. Its success is deeply rooted in cooperation and collaboration. So let's connect about how Ramper™ can help you improve your organization's security posture.

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